June 04th 2021.


The daughter of British Prince Harry and American actress Meghan Markle was born under the zodiacsign of Gemini, her Ascendant is Leo, and the Moon is in Aries.


Her birth took place in secret and she came into this world earlier than the planned date. She hurried out of curiosity to see how the world looks (curiosity of the Sun in Gemini) and to contribute to reconciliation in her father's family. Her mind will be very curious, and she will be the favorite topic of social gatherings. The breadth of topics that people will follow with interest will be large and varied.


Very creative, very versatile, very emotional, very beloved, very humanitarian - these are the qualities of her grandmother Diana, after whom she got her second name.


She inherits the zodiacsign and Ascendant from her great-grandfather Prince Philip (born on June 10, 1921, a hundred years before she was born), and thus part of his personality and appearance.


Nature perfectly chooses the moment of birth, almost all of us have convinced ourselves of that.


From an early age, she will show her ambitions and will do everything with heart, with emotions, with an intellectual approach, or as we usually say - smartly. Knowledge will be very important to her. Curious, she will always love to learn and read something. She will ask the interlocutors about their point of view and will listen to them carefully.


Where communication, education, bringing people and ideas together, encouraging people, stimulating creativity and thinking, are required - there she will be involved and active.


She is very selfless, altruistic, moral.


She will do what she judges to be significant for the society in which she lives. Lilibet will have high standards for herself. And the world should look different according to her. She will be aware of the cruelty and suffering in the world, so she will want to help others in her own way – she is Princess Diana's granddaughter after all.


Her talent for writing, for expression will allow her to empathize and describe the feelings of many people in her posts and speeches.


From her mother Meghan, she inherited a talent for acting, drama, music, writing, fine arts, and psychology. She will appreciate her mother as a strong character, but she will also see her as a beloved and charming person, who is creative or artistically gifted.


Lili Diana will be known for her taste and sense of beauty, especially for a beautiful and tastefully decorated home.


She will love peace, peacefulness and justice very much. For its diplomacy, confidentiality will have the respect and trust of the family.


Challenges in her career are inevitable, as are the changes she will make in adapting to the times in which she will live. She needs variety in work and intellectual stimulation and movement, travel.


Usually, with business and other important decisions, the subconscious will ask "what would my father say about this decision, this choice of mine".


Lili will have the ability to transfer her knowledge, to give lectures, to speak (with enthusiasm) and she will be charismatically interesting.


Additional creative talents: photography, design, music, cooking, telling stories in an unusual and inspiring way.


She will express her emotions in a particularly romantic way, gentle and attentive.


She will love to buy antiques and art objects.


Very popular among friends who will always be at hand, love to host and organize pleasant gatherings for them.


Lilibet will certainly be intensively engaged in humanitarian work. Generous will she be to those who do not have, and she will enjoy to give.


The whole family will pamper her and shower her with gifts.


She probably will marry a person who is rich, who has a position and status in society.


Lili Diana inherited the chances of a long life and ability to survive danger.


In adulthood, she will have an intense relationship with her brother, but also a lot of differences in the way she will approach life, family, material and spiritual.


Her father Harry is her great love, the most trusted person, whom she will admire, appreciate, confide in, help him, work with him in order to be near him. He is her unconditional support, her best friend, her soulmate.