April 24th 1942.


Photo: lifescript, CC BY 2.0, via
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We can say that the music diva Barbra Streisand is "the one and only".


She has shown her musical talent since 1961 in numerous films, television and Broadway musicals. She is one of the few actresses who have won all sorts of acting awards including 2 Oscars. In 1995, she was awarded with an honorary doctorate in arts and humanities.


Barbra is an exceptional singer, but also a top actress and director. Very often it turns out that extremely successful people had an ugly childhood. The verbal humiliation by the stepfather resulted in a lifetime of proving herself: the best school-girl, the best student, outstanding successes in show business, breaking all records with her music albums and winning all film awards.


With her gold and platinum albums she is on the all-time list ahead of the Beatles and Rolling Stones, and has only been surpassed by Elvis Presley. No actress or musician in the world can compare to Barbra.


She is a perfectionist in everything she does, and that includes also stubborness. That is why the manager secured her a complete creative freedom in her first business contract. She remained faithful to him all her life.


The millions she earned did not make her arrogant or pretentious. She remained her own, consistent with herself, committed to her work, committed to her artistic style of expression, and she is listening to her intuition.

Growing up with a stepfather who harshly criticized and verbally humiliated her, that gave her the strength to fight for herself, for her ideas, but also for constitutional rights.


That she has true beliefs is proven also by the fact that she donated her villa worth $ 15 million to the Center for Environmental Studies. She always declares herself publicly for the constitutional rights and rights and independence of women.


Her emotions ccould be called “worshiping” her partner and she completely followed and showed them. She married very early to Elliot Gould with whom she has a 54-year-old son Jason who is a copy of her physically and musically. She is in a stable second marriage to director and actor James Brolin. Between the two marriages, she had romances with the most handsome men, like Don Johnson and Andre Agassi.


She is born as astrological Taurus, with the Ascendant in Aries, has an extremely strong personality, a divine voice, and with dedicated perfectionist work, Barbra has become and remains an eternal metaphor for musical perfection.


Barbara Streisand is facing a great period in which she will combine a lot of creative energy with her son Jason. In addition, she will be very engaged in social life, expanding her media network and directing new films. In front of her there is a period like a great awakening from sleep, which she needed to renew her creative energy. That energy is not dependent on age - and "the one and only" Barbra Streisand is definitely another living proof for that.