September 9th 1985.


Photo: Svetlana Beketova, CC
BY-SA 3.0 GFDL, via Wikimedia

What does it take in the stars to make an athlete world famous? It is always expected that a 'lucky star' helped.


The sky shows a "difficult" and tense picture in the case of the top Croatian athletes, who became famous all over the world for their achievements and who became our national heroes (Janica and Ivica Kostelic, Luka Modric).


Luka Modric is a very emotional person. It was these strong, true and deep emotions that gave him the superhuman strength to withstand all the blows of life, all the hard training, all the incidental obstacles and to become what he is today - a world-class well-known athlete, admired by sympathizers and friends and respected by his competitors.


His upbringing was accompanied by family tragedies and with national collective suffering. Death and life were around him all the childhood time, exchanging turns in their struggle. Luka was born under such a star that gives him the strength to deal with his destiny, to create a new life from death (in a figurative and in a real sense).


He deals with his own destiny but also with the destiny of the collective - nation, team, national team. As if to say - "transfer part of your burden to me and I will carry it for you".


Male authorities taught him not to complain, to move on, to keep his promises. They taught him that only hard work leads to success, and encourage him to value and carry in his heart what he loves and what is sacred to him.


What a child receives in his upbringing in his family up to the age of 5, he/she carries for the rest of his/her life deeply engraved in his/her subconscious.


His family is very important and necessary to him. Family is the source of his inspiration and his oasis.


Pragmatically intelligent, Luka knows how to think when he makes a mistake and correct himself.


In love, he is possessive and shows his passion only within his four walls, but he is happy to show his loyalty to his partner in public.


He likes glamour. He enjoys beautiful things, the quality of life which he can afford.


It is important not only for the people he loves, but also for things that remind him of the past and give him an emotional connection with his roots.


His psychotherapy is grandmother's stories, attitudes and sayings of ordinary people.


He is sensitive to injustice and discrimination against people on any basis, and in this case he is ready to help concretely.