It is known that economic cycles can be precisely calculated and predicted with the help of astrology. For business, it is a great fortune when you can accurately predict a recession. At the end of the 1980s, British astrologers concluded that the biggest and most reliable factor for predicting the beginning of recession is the so-called triple Jupiter-Saturn cycle. Soon after, their conclusion turned out to be correct, and the fact that it was published in a newspaper intended for business people helped that business astrology began to be appreciated and developed.

Using long-term forecasts of economic growth or stagnation is a powerful tool for investments of any kind. If a business man knows when and how deep the decline in the value of capital will be, he can adjust his company expansion plans accordingly (reduce them). It is similar with economic growth: foreseen and known in advance can prepare the company for recovery and development.


Investors and those who make a living from stock market speculation understand that the stock market depends on the interrelationships of the planets and their short-term cycles. It is known that stock market astrologers predicted the so-called "Black Monday" in 1987th and big turns in the market.

Investors using business astrology predictions have maximized their income. You can read the research of brokerage houses, literature in the field of finance, listen to the advice of stock market experts and in the end you can turn out to be no less informed than the average economist. Business astrology sees those other, "invisible" factors, behind the market scene, which show what will really and realistically happen on the market. This branch of astrology is also useful in the business and investment planning of an individual company. By using the company's "birth chart" as a business "road map", you can determine the strengths and weaknesses of the company, as well as the environment, and take the right steps in time.

The same market conditions in 1988/1989th two companies lived differently: one, on the advice of an astrologer, concentrated on consolidation instead of expansion and emerged stronger from a period of general crisis, while the other suffered a failure with investments.


Business astrology essentially deals with the concept of time - the answer to the question "when". Nothing is more important in business than timing. In this context, here are the basic meanings of the planets:

Sun - driving force, trigger of business activities and short-term timing indicator.

Moon - mass market, public reaction, another trigger and timing indicator very strong in combination with the Sun (eclipse).

Mercury - trade and commerce, trading on the stock market, news, communication, traffic and travel.

Venus - money, effectiveness, sources of funds, public confirmation and popularity.

Mars – activity, competitiveness, aggression, can increase and multiply the size and amount of market changes.

Jupiter – a key planet in business astrology. Expansion and optimism in the economy, money creation - the basic symbol of growth.

Saturn – the second key planet in business astrology. Stability, restrictions, pessimism – the basic symbol of "belt tightening".

Uranus - dynamic innovations and original moves, unexpected events, changes and reversals of the status quo.

Neptune – confusion, deception, illusions and disillusions, reduced structure, inspiration, idealism.

Pluto – strength and transformation, destruction and reconstruction. Ecological topics.


The position of the Moon's nodes is very important in predicting trends in finance. The influence is especially emphasized in the economy of countries under the sign of Cancer. In addition to the basic aspects (conjunction, opposition, square, trine and sextile), semi-square, in-conjunction and quintile are used, which enrich the basic aspects and make the market situation more tense. Quintil is a positive influence. Planetary cycles can be used to predict seasonal movements in the market: growth, decline, activity, stagnation. For example, the Jupiter-Saturn cycle begins when these two planets are in conjunction. As Jupiter moves faster, it returns to conjunction with Saturn over all other aspects after 20 years and that cycle is significant in the economy. This cycle of the two largest business planets has proven in business astrology to be a sure indicator of the recession of the nineties as well as the great depression and other major market upheavals since 1810, when they have been closely monitored and analyzed. Various studies have shown that the most important indicator of the stock market is the Saturn-Pluto cycle. These two cycles are very slow and smaller and faster cycles must be also calculated for shorter periods.