Business Consultations


In business, specific knowledge of the analysis of planetary cycles with economic analyzes is used. Such analyzes have been used for decades as forecasting techniques.


This special type of analysis is known as business astrology, which recognizes economic cycles in accordance with planetary cycles. It is used for: determining the right time, location, potential and market and administrative circumstances for specific investments, business decisions and business strategy.


Business consultations



Let me tell you something about Business astrology

There are more and more business people who realize that education, enterprise, and skills are not enough to achieve success in business.

There is something else that exists on a different, inexplicable level, which has an influence upon the position of the company and market. Many have had personal experience and realize that it is important to be "in the right place at the right time" - but how do we determine this?

Furthermore, many have had the experience that a business partnership can improve a business as well as deter it – but how to know this in time?


We can find the answers to these important questions in business astrology. As a result, business itself becomes less stressful, which gives us more joy and success.

So I highly recommend that if you want to be a successful international company, among other analysts and advisers, you also have to include business astrologer. With help of business astrology guidance you can improve financial aspects, have a great strategy, and improve a personnel (team work) aspects.

Astrology in the business world

It is known that economic cycles can be precisely calculated and predicted with the help of astrology. For business, it is a great fortune when you can accurately predict a recession. At the end of the 1980s, British astrologers concluded that the biggest and most reliable factor for predicting the beginning of recession is the so-called triple Jupiter-Saturn cycle. Soon after, their conclusion turned out to be correct, and the fact that it was published in a newspaper intended for business people helped that business astrology began to be appreciated and developed.

Using long-term forecasts of economic growth or stagnation is a powerful tool for investments of any kind. If a business man knows when and how deep the decline in the value of capital will be, he can adjust his company expansion plans accordingly (reduce them). It is similar with economic growth: foreseen and known in advance can prepare the company for recovery and development.

Sun spots

Back in 1801th, Herschel (better known as the discoverer of Uranus) attracted a lot of attention from the Royal Society in London with a theory linking sunspots and the price of wheat: in times of reduced sunspot activity, the wheat crop is poor, so wheat prices are high. Soon, this theory proved itself in real experience: between 1809th and 1812th, low sunspot activity was recorded, and wheat prices were high. Today it is a scientifically accepted fact. The earliest recorded information on sunspots dates back to the Chinese encyclopedia from 1322th, which listed 45 observations of sunspots from 301 to 1205th, and Galileo and his contemporaries began to scientifically study sunspots in 1610th.

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