Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, with a diameter of 143,000 km. It goes around the Sun in 11.86 years. Its magnetic force is 20,000 times stronger than the earth's and emits radio waves. There are 15 satellites, of which Ganymede, Callisto, Io and Europa can be seen with an ordinary telescope from the Eart. In Roman mythology, Jupiter had the same role as Zeus in Greece. He was the father and lord of the gods, he defeated the Titans, overthrew his father Saturn, gave Neptune the sea, Pluto (Hades) hell, and kept heaven and Earth for himself. They called him Jupiter Optimus Maximus. In Greek mythology, he was the god of the sky and thunder, his wife Hera gave birth to many offspring and was actually the only one who knew how to restrain him with her possessiveness.


Because of its size, Jupiter could be seen even with primitive telescopes, so even in ancient times it guaranteed itself a place in the myths related to the gods of that time. A myth from the time of ancient Greece tells about Jupiter, the son of Saturn, who was the only one who escaped the terrifying fate of his brothers. Namely, Saturn devoured his children in order to preserve his power. Jupiter escaped the brothers' fate thanks to his mother, who saved Jupiter's life. When he grew up, Jupiter removed his father, Saturn, from the throne and declared himself king of the gods as the happiest, most successful and best among them (that prefix "the most" is emphasized). He had supreme power, terrifying in its magnitude, but Jupiter used it wisely, justly and benevolently. The myth also tells that he helped people even when they did not ask him, but, regardless of prayers, he observed their subjects, from heaven, figuring out how he could help them.


He was as majestic in his authority as he was excessively dignified.


Jupiter rules big things as a whole. Professions such as teaching professions, law, clergy, care, human rights and politics are close to him.


In astrology, Jupiter represents free will, hopes, growth, development, judgment, evaluation, wisdom, philosophy and enthusiasm, expansion - intellectual and physical. It deals with history, foreign countries and languages, travel, religion, literature, law and higher education. He is gallant in the material and spiritual sense, so we associate him with happiness. Sometimes in life you need more than one good dose of luck, right?


His negative sides are hypocrisy and duplicity, sloppiness, extravagance and poor judgment. Under Jupiter's influence, lack of moderation and excessive optimism became the characteristics of many, especially those who turned to gambling.


At the time of its action in terms of health, we are prone to nausea, and it affects weight gain in the year when its influence on you is strong, that is, when it passes through the sign in which you were born and through the sign in which your Ascendant is. Then you don't accept limitations and think you know the answers to all your questions, and you want to know the answers to all your questions. It's a time when your pride rules you, and that's not always a good thing.


Jupiter mainly brings positive changes in other areas of life, as well as exceptional strength and a sense of happiness, power and optimism.