Let's be honest - today every person knows in which zodiac sign she or he  is born, in which sign her or his Ascendant is and in which sign her or his Moon is.


The Moon in the horoscope symbolizes the soul, mother, wife, family, people. Astrological Moon is pure emotion and our inner world. It tells you how emotionally you give and how emotionally you receive. The Moon symbolizes our intimacy and our privacy, and our compassion. It symbolizes our forebodings and presentiments, our tides, our eyes, our reactions and impulses, our daily mood swings. Under the influence of the Moon we speak from the soul. It maintains our memories and emotional connections with childhood. It affects our vision, the human in us.


Is your Moon in Aries? - then you can react very quickly in any situation. At that speed, it is easy and often happens to overreact. The temperament is pronounced and that energy must be put to good use. You have courage, ecstasy, restlessness of body and mind.

As a child, you were put in awkward situations, hurt more often, and felt hurt more often. You set yourself up as a protector to the weaker and as a competition to the stronger than yourself. It’s easy to challenge you to a competition.

When traveling, you try to make it the fastest possible trip, and if you drive alone, it would be good to have a strong and safe car so that there is less danger in traffic.

People mostly recognize your independence. But they also recognize your selfishness and need to emphasis.

When you are in love, more patience is recommended to you so as not to frighten the other side or simply exaggerate in concrete and quick courtship and expectations.

There must be something else behind the facade, something different. Therein lies kindness, compassion for those who do not have, care for the neighbor and the weak people, and there is hiding forgiveness. And behind your courage fear is hideing. As fear is not good to show, you know how to react to an attack out of fear, just as a puppy can bark at a car that he is actually afraid of.


Your Moon is in the sign of Taurus? then it strongly influences your feelings. You are a romantic and slightly gentle person, and at the same time joyful and carefree, cheerful and fascinated by beauty. You love material security and comfort, you dream about a big house with a garden where children play carefree.

 You have a subconscious, suppressed fear of poverty, so you strive to protect your property, save, and have your own spare money whether big or small.

Your character is a combination of a conventional way of thinking and an unconventional need for freedom and love. It means that you will give a lot of love to others, but in a way you will also possess them, but you do not give them your freedom and independence. You consider your partner as your property.

Your love of delicious food is most often reflected in your appearance.

Your mother is the person who focused all her attention on you as her child, which in a positive sense means a lot of love, and in a negative sense interfering in the child's life when you grow up.


If you have the Moon in Gemini and the sign of Gemini indicates speed - you have quick reactions, flash reactions.

People like you, always remain children and are always in a hurry. When you speak, the one who listens to you does not manage to follow you.

Gemini versatility “makes” you do more things and jobs at the same time. Instead of finishing one and then moving on to something else, you’d rather do them all at once in the same time.

You have, within you, everyday conflicts between reason on the one hand, and feelings and intuition on the other. Some of you still manage to combine intuition and objectivity and have very positive results.

Rarely, you will allow your heart to control your ratio, and that’s not good in an emotional relationship – because your partner will say your feelings are superficial.

You are mostly a skilled and popular speaker. You are very funny. You are very talkative and you can talk for a long time and yet not to get tired and not to be boring.

You don't have enough patience. You are nervous. Your life and work must not stagnate and must not be monotonous. You have to move around and make frequent changes.

If your Moon is in Gemini, don't even accidentally smoke because cigarettes are pure poison and a danger to you.


Your Moon is in Cancer - then your face reflects your inner mental state but also your sensitivity to the surroundings. You have a pronounced face expression and a characteristic ring between the eyebrows when you are excited. Your face is oval and your hue of the scin is sensitive.

 You constantly worry about your loved ones, you recognize their joy and their pain, you take care of them and that care often turns into fear of the worst, so you are happy only when everyone is together.

You can be a mirror of your surroundings: if you are calm and happy we will know that there are good people around you and we can trust your instinct. The fear in your eyes reflects a failed emotional or family life.

 You love grandma’s stories, family roots. Always look for the warmth of home and a mother’s arms.

As your mother was in relation to you when you were child, so will other people would relate to you in the same way.

A well-aspected Moon in Cancer signifies your mother and ancestors who had a good soul, were calm and welcome in any society. In that case, you have the potential to be an honest, harmonious, successful and famous person. You respect God and religious customs, folk customs, marriage and family,your  homeland.

If your Moon is negative aspected it describes your destructive ancestors who disagreed with the surroundings and may have taken away things from others because of own poverty. In that case, you are going through a struggle for your home, security and peace that you are by no reason able to find. You often have quarrels in the house, you make bad changes, you feel maladjusted.

You are constantly searching for an identity because you have not felt the pleasure of belonging to a community. In that case, we can call you a "wounded soul."


Your Moon is in the sign of Leo - it cannot go unnoticed. You have to acknowledge that you are a person who desires eternal life, who has a need for approval, and is always hoping for some glory. Without love, attention, praise and applause, you seem to wither.

If your Moon is positively aspected – you love life, love the world and love yourself. You have emotional courage, security, and ultimate sensitivity. You do nothing partially, ordinary or a little. You like to give. You have love for the people, love for your nation and homeland. You have a strong protective instinct for vulnerable people. You have excellent organizational skills and you have a strong influence on other people - you are their inspiration and leader. You are extremely good in situation of crisis.

If the Moon is negatively aspected in the Leo it gives a real eruption of emotions and ambitions. But that energy is hard to direct and hard to control. You are extremely stubborn, boastful, and boasting is actually a facade to cover up your bad self-esteem. You always try to be nicely dressed, to be in trend, to be seen in fashionable places. When the first wrinkles appear on your face - then panic sets in.


Your Moon is in Virgo - when you are nervous or stressed, then you talk a lot and fast. But (although it doesn’t seem so) you have a large reserve of energy. That Moon gives you modesty and prudence. You suppress your own merits, you even doubt in yourself and in your own abilities and possibilities. That is why it is difficult for others to dare to approach you and get closer to you.

You can react incredibly quickly in different situations and be better than your competition. Simple said - you need to be stimulated to compete and to achieve the maximum.

Your psychological problem first affects your body, then after that you become aware of what is bothering you.

 If you are very rational with very practical attitudes you need to allow your instinct to come to the fore.

You are very happy to help others in a practical way.

 You have a literary talent and a talent for good expression in writing, whether it is literary form or professional writing form.

You are great at any kind of discussion.


Your Moon is in Libra - you have an natural sense of tact and diplomacy. If your Moon is positively aspected then you understand other people’s feelings and accept that someone has different views and different attitudes.

It is a great power to be able to listen to others - you know that.

Already at the first meeting you make even a stranger relaxed near you. You have a pleasant tone, slow speech, full of understanding. Tenderness, affection, singing, romance, sophistication, gentle and pleasant nature, artistic soul, love as a universal holyness - these are the epithets for the positively aspected Moon in the sign of Libra.

The moon in Libra, which is negatively aspected - makes a person impractical and timid, who does not know how to cope with crisis situations. That's why you often comment: "it's not fair" - you protest like that, but you know how to show a slightly aggressive tendency that is similar to the reaction of an Aries (which is the polar sign of Libra). Sadness, disappointment and fear of loneliness - these are the feelings caused by the negatively aspected Moon in the sign of Libra in your horoscope.


Your Moon is in Scorpio - you have tremendous emotional energy. Your emotions come to the surface at the slightest provocation. They affect your judgment and your behavior.

In many cases, this eruption of feelings frightens the environment or simply cover up and overshadow your own personality.

What your emotions are, so is your physical energy, and that energy is accompanied by decisive and instinctive action. You can strongly stimulate others, especially your loved ones, to achieve more than their abilities are, to give their best for a goal.

How to overcome your negative character traits - this is the biggest challenge for people with the Moon in Scorpio.

If your Moon is positively aspected you have a strong memory, you have an abundance of love for dear people, you have emotional energy that stimulates physical energy and health, you have great inner strength to be able to overcome all life crises and difficulties. It is the Moon in Scorpio that makes one person uncompromising.


If your Moon is in Sagittarius, you always react to provocation, especially to challenges: intellectual, sports challenges, etc.

You react positively, optimistically and with enthusiasm. You are quick to change and you don’t worry much about the pros and cons of those changes. The moon in Sagittarius gives you the need for constant movement.

You are impatient in traffic, especially if you get stuck in a car column, behind a truck, or in slow traffic. When driving, you always look for a shortcut, to shorten the route and at least psychologically arrive faster.

You enjoy using your brain and mind. You can and you love to talk about all topics.

The negative trait is superficiality and that superficiality is contagious to your close friends. Before you finish something you already want to start something new.

You need to turn your enthusiasm into something positive: take advantage of great intellectual potential, rely on your own mind and ability, and develop a unique life philosophy and you own lifestyle.


Your Moon is in Capricorn - you react mostly calmly and balanced to everything, and it seems as if you don't have enough feelings or you control and hide them very much. Your humor is satirical, a little harsh.

You show neither the sadness you feel nor the fear you suppress, but instead you always show your great pride and arrogance.

You should use your intelligence practically.

Instead of optimism, you prefer to react with pessimism or aloofness, because the Moon in Capricorn is afraid of beautiful and easy things - it is lack self-confidence.

You do not like to ask for other people's help even when you need it, but instead you are silent, maybe you suffer but you prefer to arrange things yourself.

You need to boost your self-confidence, you need to be praised more often.

The positively aspected Moon in Capricorn emphasizes reasonableness, determination, ambition and love for life and all these qualities you need to express, fully.

You know how to control yourself well and you will not take unnecessary and thoughtless risks.


If your Moon is in Aquarius - you often send signals to your environment that you are cold and distant. If someone cares about you, he must be persistent and persistent in overcoming your barriers and getting to know your true qualities.

When it comes to humanity then you will help a person in need, but only if help is really needed.

In controversial situations, you react unpredictably - simply differently than it is expected.

Your ideas are - original and unusual. Stubbornness, defiance, eccentricities, unpredictability and your own attitudes are seen in your reactions.

If you avoid expressing your own feelings and your own opinion then you are coming into an identity crisis.

And no matter how modest you can look, you still love glamor and style.

The negatively aspected moon in Aquarius makes a person cold, calculated, selfish and strict. All this is a consequence of inner nervousness and dissatisfaction and the feeling of fear that others will reject you and that you will suffer because of it, so that is reason that you do not want be emotional dependenent.


Your Moon is in Pisces - your sensitivity goes to extremes: from sadness to joy. You are extremely vulnerable, you are always willing to forgive.

Out of loneliness or because of fear of loneliness you need other people and you need the love of other people.

Your feelings come quickly - it's enough for you to hear a song that nostalgically reminds you of some person.

You are a dreamer, but also you are timid.

If negative aspected the Moon in Pisces encourages the tendency to tell a lie at the moment, often as excuse to protect other people, but also for yourself, easily and convincingly.

You need to make the most of your Moon in Pisces - you need to develop creative talents, work with people, work in healthcare, lern psychology. You also have a gift for writing.

You would describe your mother as a gentle and sensitive person who was a kind of victim in the family.

The Moon is the human soul and the Moon in Pisces is the true soul for humans, ready for compassion, forgiveness and sacrifice, ready to give and understand others even when no one else understands it.