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Work, business: Behind you is a period in which you could not arrange all the dice in your life. For many of you born in Taurus, 2023 will be easier and more pleasant than 2022. In the first 5 months, you will be even more careful and that is right, as it should be. Plan, research, but don't make big or final decisions. Have everything ready, and it is best to start the action from the middle of May. Then you will have the support of those people, those business partners, those companies and those institutions that you will need or have to ask or apply. Everything you agree and plan will have to be put into written form and then officially sent to the right address.

You who were born between April 20nd and May 7th  will achieve your goals the easiest and fastest. You will have 2 to 3 opportunities for advancement: some of you in your current job, and you who are looking for a job, and you who are studying, and you who need additional education to be able to advance. Be practical and grounded, be firmly on the ground, with both feet. Thus, you will start changes that will last a long time and bring you business success and happiness, because success without happiness is worth nothing.

 You who were born from May 6th to 14th will feel great nervousness and restlessness that pulls you to change something, all with the desire to be more independent and free in your work. You will think of taking a risk, just to start doing what you have not dared to do before. It is said that 'those who don't take risks don't profit', but even risk should be smart, wise and moderate.

Friends whom you have known for a long time and who have already proven themselves in your life can help you a lot from March, either with advice or with a recommendation. If you already work in a business partnership, you will review that partnership in the October and November.

It is best to stick to those jobs that you can do at your own tempo, in which there is no race against time.

You who were born on May 19th and 20th will complete a beautiful life cycle in 2023 and crown it in some way.


Love, family, friendships: March and April are made for love, romance, conquest. Be charming and your charm will open the door through which you want to enter the world of love. Those two months are very important because they are actually an introduction to something bigger and more serious, and that awaits you from May 17th and lasts until the end of the year. Jupiter encourages you to have great love stories. You who were born on April 20th – May 07th have the most luck in love, which means that you can start a beautiful and serious relationship or if you are already in a relationship to crown it and improve it in your favorite way or if you are married to have harmony as it was in the beginning of your love. Your friendships are stable, and you are renewing some of them because people from your youth are reentering your life. The family will expect you to devote yourself to them all summer and part of the fall, and this will be very difficult for you, and some family members will oppose your choice of love relationship.


Message and advice: From May 21st to July 10th you have a challenging and tiring period, so be moderate, find time for rest and respite from obligations. You who were born May 6th - 14th do not provoke the people you love and who do you good because of your own nervousness and stubbornness