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Work / Business: You Aquarians are coming out of one Saturn cycle of 2 - 2.5 years. You must have changed, you have become wiser, more mature, and more patient. You still feel tired, first of all mentally but also physically. You who were born on February 10th – 18th have another round of influence from the mentioned planet. This means that you have to focus on what's most important to you, on what you haven't dared to deal with, you have to pay attention to everything that somehow chronically bothers you. You are already aware that everything takes time, that nothing happens quickly and that every obstacle in life means that you have to prepare thoroughly for it. You should respect those above you and you should take responsibility.

From the March of 2023, an easier and more pleasant period for Aquarians begins, but with more events, with more changes. When everything speeds up, it's not easy either. Jupiter will focus you mostly on material things, so you start looking for a better-paid job, for additional income. There will be several opportunities and it will be difficult for you to choose which one is better. Let them offer you money as a criterion - you know the one "who pays more". Be more careful with contracts. Check your personal documents.

Uranus will cause several surprises and bring chaos to your business life. You have to adapt to new technology at work, to new working hours, to the lack of colleagues and associates whose work you will have to do in addition to your duties. But you can do anything. It is said that we always get as many "burdens" and obligations as we are able to overcome.

You won't be able to plan an annual vacation, but whenever you manage to take a vacation, it's best to escape abroad.


Love, family, friendships: Those of you who are ready for the parental role, regardless of age, will have the opportunity to fulfill it. You may not be able to sleep enough, but love makes up for it. You who have not yet found your soulmate should take it as a gift from the universe, why? Because in 2023, you will be able to enjoy several great adventures and enjoy yourself like you have never experienced before. You start at the beginning of the year and that happy and crazy period lasts until autumn, until the middle of the October.

Summer is the most intense and the warmth of the sun will melt the ice in your heart, just like that, until the end. It will be a person or two who is very attractive, exactly your type of beauty. They will have some special talent or a glamorous style of dress that is noticeable at first glance.

Friends mean a lot to you, but you don't like intense socializing. In the first three months, you will devote more time to your friends, but later you will be a little distant.

Something will always happen in the family. You won't be able to predict almost anything, it's always a surprise. Be especially prepared for the various dislikes of young members in the family, especially if they are in puberty or students. The same applies to you who are young - so you will be rebellious.


Message and advice: Don't be at a distance from people, no one is an island, it's easier and more beautiful in good company.