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TV program “It's all in the stars”

VIDEO ON YOUTUBE http://wwwyoutube.com/user/andelkasubasic

 YouTube: Andelka Subasic Astrologer

For the past 11 years Rijeka TV RITV has been broadcasting the program “It's all in the stars”. This program is about astrology. It's aim is to bring astrology closer to TV viewers in a more attractive way. There are 10 minute presentations about the history of astrology and interviews with famous people (questions about their character based upon information from their natal chart). Viewers learn about astrological topics and news and can have direct telephone communication with the astrologist. Openness towards positive initiatives in the field of astrology which is started whether by relevant individuals  or societies enables the affirmation and demystification of astrology. Fameous people has been interviewed and shared their interesting life stories: politicians, atlets, actors, managers etc. The program is edited and led by Anđelka Subašić.



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