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Astrology is a complex knowledge which serves as a tool to study many different life situations. Apart from being used for personal psychological analysis, astrology is also used to research the market of countries (mundane astrology), identify collective trends, analyse health issues (medical astrology), formulate forecasts for weather, tourism and travel (location astrology), and  analyse historical events. These are only a few areas where it is applicable.

Business astrology has drawn a great deal of attention, especially during the economic boom of the 80s when a number of astrologists put together there knowledge of astrology with analytical trends in economy. Business astrology is automatically identified with financial astrology though it covers a much wider area than finance alone.

What do we understand by business astrology?

It can be divided into three areas emphasizing different aspects of astrology.

First of all, bussines astrology deals with economic scenarios. It is generally directed towards financial astrology.

Key questions which are most common for financial astrology include: which sector will develop and which will stagnate (or lose profit) within the following few months, when is it best to be active in the market and what will be the outlook for a specific sector in a given period of time. This branch of business astrology can be added to the work of the economist, for example, astrological analysis in this area includes research into the collapse of the stock market in 1929, 1987, and money turnover in the market for the year 2000.

On the other hand, business astrology analyses the results of shares in firms in the same way as market analytics do. They make an analysis for companies, they research market movement, and development of the firm from its foundation. With this information and knowledge we can predict and forecast the future trends of the company.

Personnell astrology is the third type of business astrology which is related to the growth of employees (staff), the analysis of team and team work, and the strategy of running a company. It is focused mainly on sinastric analysis, team building, and recruiting of young personnel.

For specific advice connected to the firm, which you manage or own, call my cell ++385 98 257 056 or send an e-mail to andelka@andelkaubaic.com . The price of the service may vary depending on the size and structure of the analysis.

Company & Manager Busines Profile
 If you're the owner or manager of a business, this service is for you!

Planetary cycles can reveal important business insights and opportunities.

We examine the key factors that can make your business an extraordinary success. We'll discuss management and employee issues, financial prospects, internal communications, growth potential, marketing, advertising, customer relations, and more.

We'll spend approximately two hours together in person or by telephone or on kype making sure that you get answers to your most important questions.

PRICE for Company Business Profile - upon request

Monthly Business Update
 We examine the current factors that are the most likely to impact your business during the next month. It provides a solid focus on your short-term goals as you plan for successful and effective action.

PRICE for Monthly Business Update - upon request


Yearly Business Update
An annual review of your business – we will review all of the major astrological trends that will come into play during the next year. When you have the greatest opportunities ahead of you.

PRICE for Yearly Business Update - upon request

Team Dynamics
 We use busines astrology to build better partnerships for you. If your business relies on successful teamwork, it pays huge dividends to invest in building better relationships, develop creative approaches to bring you greater harmony, productivity, and profitability.

Through this informative consultation, you can use to explore the prospects of a prospective or existing partnership or work team.

PRICE for Team Dynamics - upon request 


Determine Perfect Timing
 Determine the best possible time for you to take effective action! Whether you're opening a new business location, launching a marketing campaign, or making an important buying or selling decision, it's vital to take action at the right time. We'll discuss your options and choose the best alternatives for your unique situation.

PRICE for Perfect Timing - upon request

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